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2. Advanced II course

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Course Details

Have you noticed that often when you ride with other people that there is always that one rider that makes it look so easy. It is as if they are not even trying. They flow smoothly from one corner to the next and always seem to see the potholes, gravel and are never surprised by oncoming traffic. You might even think to yourself, “How do they do it?” Asking them does not give you all the answers you need, you try applying their wisdom but something is not right. Reading books, blogs and watching videos sometimes helps and sometimes it is just confusing and contradictory.

When trying to apply a skill in the real world, there are often many fine details that are not relayed in text or video. This may not be because the ‘teacher’ does not know these things; they are limited by the medium and may have left them out so as to keep it simple and to the point. These finer details can be the difference between getting it or feeling like something is missing.

When you have an experienced and critical eye, that can see what’s missing and convey that to you in a way that will make a difference, this is when ‘ah ha’ moments happen and your riding is changed forever. A trainer’s critical eye can see things that the average person will not even know is there. The instant and relevant feedback you will receive as you practice under the watchful eye of an experienced coach and the opportunity to have your questions answered are crucial to accelerating the learning process.

HART’s Advanced II course is developed to add new skills and enhance and refine existing skills. This course is presented in 2 parts.

Part one is to head out onto the road. Being safe on road is not a matter of chance. This is where we start filling in the holes and knowledge gaps with your roadcraft. The road ride includes is in a number of stages. During the stops guidance will be provided on your Road Craft, acknowledging what has been done well and adding safety tactics to be applied. Shared conversations, discussing the five major crash types for motorcyclists will also add a deeper understanding of how to stay safe.

Part two is conducted at our Somerton facility working on and refining your bike control. Essentially we spend the afternoon filling in the gaps in your riding technique.


Course Content

This course will address practical motorcycling skills such as;

  • Posture – particularly accelerating, braking and turning.
  • Braking – in a straight line and also mid-corner.
  • Counter-steering - turning the bike for a corner, changing lines and avoiding a mid-corner obstacle.
  • Riding through curves – setup, eye direction and lines.
  • Roadcraft – how you keep yourself safe on the road.

All of the HART higher level rider training courses are designed to improve your confidence and safety for use every day as a motorcyclist on the road.

  • As with all HART courses, students must wear full coverage motorcycle apparel whilst riding - without exception.

  • Students are requested to provide their own helmet, gloves, boots and protective jacket and pants for these courses.


  • A restricted or full motorcycle Licence
  • Riders on a restricted licence must ride a LAMS approved motorcycle.

  • Learner Permit holders can complete this course once they have completed a 'check ride' and the Advanced 1. Please call the office on 9270 1377 to book.

Using your own motorcycle

  • Your motorcycle must be registered and roadworthy.
  • If you choose to use your own motorcycle, please advise your insurer of the training you will be undertaking to ensure that your policy will cover third party property damage during the training.
  • All motorcycles will be checked for roadworthiness before the commencement of the course. Motorcycles not meeting RWC will not be allowed to be used on the course and the course fees may be forfeited.


  • HART can provide participants with a motorcycle or scooter for a $50 hire fee.
  • Riders will be responsible for a $2000 excess if the hired motorcycle is damaged during the course.


  • 200 Hume Hwy, Somerton Victoria

Price - $299

Duration- Approximately 8 Hours

The course time is usually 7:45am - 4:00pm. (Please note course finishing times are a guide only, and your course may finish at a slightly different time.)


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Contact HART

QLD: (07)3341 5657

NSW: (02)9391 5110

VIC: (03)9270 1377

HART Safety

Safety is a key objective for HART and has a large focus in the training courses on offer. Click the Safety button below for more information.

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