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NSW Motorcycle Licence Courses

4. NSW Skills Practise and MOST

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St Ives

4. NSW Skills Practise and MOST photo

Course Details

Please Note:  This course is delivered in English. 

There is an expectation that you are able to understand English at a basic level.  If this is not the case, please bring with you an interpreter who will be able to translate the course for you.

If you failed your MOST during your Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Pre-Provisional Rider Training Course, or need to convert your overseas licence, or any other reason as determined by TfNSW, it can feel daunting to just turn up and be tested without the opportunity to practise.

Please note: This course DOES NOT convert your Learner Licence into a Pre-Provisional licence. This course is only for overseas licence conversions or re-test due to a fail on your Pre-Provisional course.  If you are on your L plates and want to get your Provisional licence, you need to do the TfNSW Pre-Provisional Course.

If you are unsure of eligibility, please ring the HART office on (02) 9391 5110

This option allows you two hours practise with an accredited TfNSW instructor, followed by the MOST itself.  Please see PDF below to see suggested activities to practise for the TfNSW Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST).

At just $199 (including motorbike hire if required, helmet & gloves) this course will give you the best chance of passing your MOST

Click Book Now (below) to find the best time for you.

The MOST is designed to measure your ability to handle a motorcycle, including starting, accelerating, turning and braking. The MOST is also used to assess riders seeking overseas licence conversions, as well as for assessing older riders.

You must have a valid NSW Licence or a TfNSW Customer Number to book a MOST.  If you don't yet have a TfNSW Customer Number, click here for more information.

How the test works
The test consists of 8 test segments. None of the segments are difficult or dangerous for a skilled rider. To pass, you must complete all of the test segments. When you're on the test course, you’ll be given specific instructions for each test activity.

Points are accrued for errors, such as touching painted lines, putting your foot down on the ground during an activity, or hitting cones.

  • If you stall the engine during a test, you will accumulate points
  • If you fail to conduct a head check before moving away during a test, you’ll also accumulate points.
  • To pass, you need to score 8 points or less. A score of 9 or more points is a fail.

When to take the test
You can take the MOST only if you have been directly instructed to do so by Service NSW or Transport for NSW, or if you have previously failed the MOST and are eligible for a re-test. Riders who are ready to make the step up from learner to Provisional licence must book the 'Pre-Provisional Course and MOST'.

Booking the test
When you’re ready to take the test, you’ll need to make a booking and pay the required fee.

On the day
At your booked time, you’ll need to attend the HART Training Centre at St Ives. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the allocated start time to complete course paperwork and sign-in. See Pre-Provisional course for information about what you need to bring on the day.

You’ll need to provide a suitable motorcycle for the test, which must be registered and roadworthy. You’ll also need to wear full skin coverage clothing, enclosed shoes or boots, gloves, eye-protection, and an Australian Standard AS1698, or ECE22.05, approved motorcycle helmet.

If there’s any suspicion that you’ve recently taken alcohol or another drug, the test will be cancelled, and there will be no refund of the test fee.

If you offer money, some other bribe, or try to influence a testing officer, the test will be stopped, and the matter reported to the police.

Cancelling or changing your booking. You can change or cancel your booking, provided you give at least five (5) working days’ notice. A 10% administration fee will apply. There are no refunds in the following situations:

  • Lateness in attending the course
  • Proof of identity issue
  • Delays caused by traffic or motor vehicle incidents
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Failure to attend your course


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Contact HART

QLD: (07)3341 5657

NSW: (02)9391 5110

VIC: (03)9270 1377

HART Safety

Safety is a key objective for HART and has a large focus in the training courses on offer. Click the Safety button below for more information.

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