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8. Advanced II - Road Circuit - NSW

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St Ives

8. Advanced II - Road Circuit - NSW photo

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When you have the benefit of an instructor’s experienced and critical eye, one who can see what’s missing and convey that to you in a way that will make a difference, this is when ‘ah hah’ moments happen, and your riding is changed forever. HART’s Advanced Level II course focuses on building on the advanced riding techniques learned during Advanced Level I training, and uses our private road circuit to further develop your existing riding skills, focusing on four fundamental aspects of motorcycling: Posture, Throttle Control, Cornering, and Braking.


This one day course is designed to improve your confidence, and concentrate on practical riding skills you can apply to everyday riding, whether you are a commuter, a motorcycle enthusiast, or are considering progressing to track-based training.

The course is suitable for experienced riders who have completed HART’s Advanced Level I course, or similar training from another recognised training provider. The course starts with a simple bike safety check, followed by an in-depth look at advanced riding posture, and then moves on to riding some sighting laps to get you familiar with our private training circuit. We will then systematically work through a series of advanced riding activities specifically designed to improve your motorcycle handling skills, such as counter-steering, braking, and corner approach.

Throughout the course, you’ll be coached in the following techniques:

  • Develop advanced physical riding skills on our private road circuit
  • Adjusting your posture for accelerating, braking, and cornering
  • Body movement and foot peg pressure
  • Counter-steering for accurate, fast changes of direction
  • Minimal clutch, and clutchless shifting for quick, smooth gear changes
  • Exploring your bike’s braking limits in a low-risk environment
  • Cornering technique with posture change during approach, braking up to turn-in point, gear changes and approach speed, transition from brake to throttle, rear brake for control in a curve
  • Adjusting cornering lines using posture, throttle, and rear brake
  • Video and photo coaching for improved cornering technique


A restricted or unrestricted motorcycle Licence, and completion of HART’s Advanced Level I course, or similar training from another provider.

Riders on a restricted licence must ride a LAMS approved motorcycle. All motorcycles must be registered and roadworthy.

All motorcycles will be checked for roadworthiness according to NSW RMS standards, before the commencement of the course. Motorcycles not meeting roadworthy requirements will not be allowed to be used on the course. If you have an after-market exhaust system fitted, please ensure the baffles are installed for the course.

For your own peace of mind, please advise your insurer of the training you will be undertaking to ensure that your policy will cover any third party property damage which may occur during the training.

As with all HART courses, trainees must wear full coverage motorcycle apparel whilst riding, without exception.


HART’s purpose-built Rider, Driver, and ATV Training Centre, 451 Mona Vale Road, St Ives.


Full-day course (approx. 8 hours), 8:30am start

$329.00 (includes lunch on the day)

Instructor Ratio: 1 instructor to a maximum of 6 trainees

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Contact HART

QLD: (07)3341 5657

NSW: (02)9391 5110

VIC: (03)9270 1377

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